HWA Home Warranty | Home Warranty of America

HWA Home Warranty | Home Warranty of America
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on 2013-10-11
HWA Home Warranty | Home Warranty of America
HWA Home Warranty AKA Home Warranty of America has 400+ complaints on the BBB and over 90 reviews with an average of 1 star on Consumer Affairs. We give HWA Home Warranty a 2.5.

HWA Home Warranty Reviews | Home Warranty of America Reviews

Home Warranty of America AKA HWA Home Warranty is ranked in the 60% percentile as far as total complaints on the internet. HWA Home Warranty has over 400 complaints on the BBB and over 10 Ripoff Reports.



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This company is a sham, as a Realtor, I pride myself on doing the best thing for my clients. I added HWA’s coverage to one of my listing as a service to my seller. As luck would have it, the AC went on the fritz a few days ago, so my seller contact the Home Warranty of America’s customer service. It was a few days and no contact so then the seller contacted them again, finally sent out an AC tech who determined the compressor needed replaced. The sent the service work order to HWA. Again no status from HWA, so my seller called again to get status, she was told a lot of things as an excuse for HWA not to honor the warranty. So now my seller is out of an AC and there is no response from the service representatives of this company. This is just BAD business and I will never recommend this company to any of my future customers, just a sham to get your money and then not honor their coverage.

- Stephanie

HWA Home Warranty BBB Complaints

HWA Home Warranty BBB

HWA Home Warranty Ripoff Reports

Many of the HWA Home Warranty Rip-off Reports are about claims being denied and refunds not being refunded. Actually, 10 ripoff reports in the Home Warranty industry is sadly not that many in comparison but that said there are multiple companies that seem for one reason or another to maintain a tiny amount of complaints and very few ripoff reports so because of this, 10 is still to many to be in the top 10.

HWA Home Warranty Ripoff Reports

HWA Home Warranty Reviews Complaints | Home Warranty of America Complaints

consumeraffairs.com has 90 reviews for HWA Home Warranty and an overall total of 1 star.
HWA Home Warranty Reviews
HWA Home Warranty Complaints

3 Responses so far.

  1. Jerry Mayfield says:

    Awful Home Warranty. We still to this day cannot get a hold of a live person. The VM says to leave your message for a call back. Good luck

  2. Brian Redwick says:

    Still waiting for my refund. All I get is the run around. Wish I would of found this site before I bought this useless warranty.

  3. Edna Cramer says:

    Brian, me too. I also cannot seem to get a refund and wish I found this site before I wasted my money.

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